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A Sage, according to my old friend Webster, is a profoundly wise [wo]man, esp. one who features in ancient history or legend. Synonyms: wise man/woman, learned person, philosopher, thinker, scholar. Wisdom, is to have "1. Understanding of what is true, right or lasting. 2. Good judgement, common sense. 3. Learning: erudition (deep, extensive learning)." My forty some odd years in this incarnation has taught me many things, although I would not yet call myself wise.

I love to learn. I adore it. Many a times I have said that I want to be~ and will be~ a lifetime student. Whether I am taking a class, reading a book, conversing with a fellow human, meditating, interacting with my animal companions, playing out in my gardens...I am always learning and soaking it in. Like a cat lapping up that last drop of milk; I gather tidbits of information to draw upon in times of need. I dream of one day being a wise old crone.

For now, as I explore, make the most of trial and error, and live close to the Earth; I will remain grateful for the abundance in my life. Sharing the healing energy that is Reiki with both people and our animal companions, has brought so much to my life. Each session, with each person, with each animal, and each class I teach that brings a new, or advances a current Reiki healer into the Universe, infuses my life with abundance.

As I gain any small wisdoms, I will use my blog and these pages to share with you my ups, downs and all arounds...I hope my words, skills, mistakes and experiences help to bring more ease and joy to your life.

My Purpose...

Christina M. Boisits-O'Keefe, MS, CN, RMT